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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

161 to go... 

I'm always cautioning people not to cheer results outside of their meaning or to be too pessimistic. I'm happy with aspects of the Phillies 8-4 victory over the Washington Nationals. And I'm not so happy with others.

My over-arching feeling about Monday's game is that it was a good game for the Phillies: Pat Burrell is off to a hot start (3-for3 with a walk), as is Jimmy Rollins and Kenny Lofton (both 2-for-3 with two walks). The Phillies had 20 hits or walks. Either it is a testament to the Phillies prowess at the plate or confirmation that the Expos pitching staff needs help. If Monday is any indication, my prediction that the Phillies are going to score a lot of runs is validated.

I was much more troubled by the Phillies pitching: they surrendered 13 hits and 3 walks. Lieber I was somewhat disappointed by: he surrendered ten hits and four runs in just five and two-third innings work. I expected him to be much stingier at the plate, so I am discouraged to see him surrender a home run in his first outing at Citizens. It would have built the pitching staff's morale to see their new ace prove that pitchers can survive at Citizens. It bothers me to see Lieber get bailed out by the lineup.

Meanwhile, the Phillies have two more games against the Nats before hitting the road for a big series this weekend against the Cardinals. The Cards series will give us a more complete picture of where the Phillies are going this year: it'll be on the road against a formitable foe. I'm eager to see what the Phillies record will be on Monday morning: if they get off to a fast start I'm sure we'll all breathe easier.So let's just enjoy the first win of the season. 1 down, 161 to go.

Oh, I'm going to set up an open thread for tonight's game in case people want to comment as the game is in progress.

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