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Friday, April 22, 2005

So we lost to the Rockies ... 

... on Wednesday. I'm embarrassed too. What I'm preaching right now is patience. The Phillies are in a much better position then they were last year. Remember where they were after game 16 last year?

Standings after Game 16:

Marlins 12-5
Braves 9-8
Phillies 7-9
Mets 7-11
Expos 4-14

They were three and a half games behind the Fish and looked terrible. Sure they aren't hitting well (12th in slugging? ... 14th in ISO?), but Thome is due for a big breakout like he always does when April is over. This team is actually pitching decently well. Here are the standings this morning:

Marlins 9-7
Nationals 9-7
Braves 8-8
Mets 8-8
Phillies: 8-8

I think the Phillies are even doing better than in '03:

Phillies 9-7
Expos 9-7
Braves 8-8
Marlins 8-9
Mets 6-10

Mind you, the Phillies won 86 games both years. This team can win 90+. Just be patient.

I think that Lieber pitched another strong game last night and that Thome's first home run of the year was a strong sign: he could finally be breaking out of his slump. (And it a good time with a slate of road games against division foes coming up.) So things are good. Not great, but good. They took two of three from the Braves, split a series with the Mets and split a series with the Rockies. We all would have preferred to see them sweep both games, but the Phillies are .500 and are in a good position.

More Monday. I have a few logs on the fire.

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