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Monday, May 16, 2005

I've got lots to say... 

... just not any time to write it. I'll have something after lunch. I promise.

Endy Chavez? Endy stinking Chavez? Endy f'ing Chavez? Someone is kidding me, right? This is completely insane. Now I agree that since the Phils decided to bury Byrd, you weren't going to get much for him (if you were insisting on getting rid of him in the first instance). But can't you do better than Endy Chavez? Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't he spent the better part of the last 3 seasons locked in a mortal struggle with Brad Ausmus to see who could claim the title of Worst Offensive Player in the National League? Chavez certainly can't be viewed as the CF of the future, so what in the heck was the point of bringing him in when the stinking centerpiece of your entire off-season was bringing in a speedy short-term "solution" for CF (Lofton)? Given the state of the bullpen, it sure was a great idea to unload Felix Rodriguez for Lofton…

I realize that Byrd may never have panned out, but at least there was some glimmer of a chance. With Chavez, that chance is nil. I really can't take it anymore. Is it acceptable for me to start actively rooting against the Phils so they'll clean out the front office before Ed Wade gives away any of the few decent trading chits we have at the deadline for nothing?
In light of Special Eds comment that he had been trying to obtain Chavez since last year, that fool may actually consider Inning-Endy
to be the CF of the future. Good gravy, this guy should be like Herb Washington i.e designated runner. Does that Slow Eddie fool relly think Chavez is the next Juan Pierre? I can only hope that his fellow countryman Bobby Abreu can school him on hitting and most importantly, plate discipline and that Chavez is a quick learner.
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