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Thursday, June 09, 2005


I'm back from D.A. school in Hershey, Pa. (Well, actually Grantville, Pa.) I had fun: I got to shoot a gun, witness a DUI booking session and generally learn about criminal law topics that ranged from the interesting (I loved our Narcotics prosecution lecture, which was presented by Montgomery County Deputy DA Kevin Steele & a county narcotics detective, who both did a tremendous job on a topic that really engages me), to the not-so-interesting. (I won't say.) I met a lot of great people, great Assistant District Attorneys who are going to serve the Commonwealth well. If any of you read this blog, I just want to say that I had a blast.

I watched a little baseball along the way. Naturally I have thoughts on the Urbina-Polanco trade. Namely, I'm baffled why the team dealt Polanco for a guy with a groundball-flyball ratio of 0.38 ... seriously, that's nuts. Urbina might be a great pitcher, but he's got a lot of flaws and isn't a good fit for this team. E.g., he's surrendering 1.6 home runs per 9 innings, product of the fact that he's a flyball pitcher and 13% of his flyballs turn into home runs. Urbina succeeded with the Tigers because he plays in the third toughest AL park to hit a Home Run in: Comerica Park.

Comerica had a home run factor of 86 last year. Only Kansas City and Cleveland had tougher AL parks. Comercia is a tough place to get a run (runs factor of 93) or an extra-base hit (double factor of 83). How well is Urbina going to do in a place so friendly to the long ball? Not well, I suspect. Even with an improved (aka, Eric Milton-less) pitching staff, the Phillies are surrendering a lot of home runs this season. I just don't see Urbina working out.

And to get him the Phillies broke up with 2B platoon. I say bravo to that- about time Chase gets the job -but if Bell or Chase go down the Phillies are going to sorely miss having Mr. Utility back there. And to give up a glove of Polanco's calibur for a player badly unsuited to playing at Citizens ... I think Ed Wade got taken on this one.

More tomorrow. I gotta unpack.

Stop confusing me with the facts Mike, I've already made up my mind.
Just came across your blog. Since WHEN have the Phillies made a GOOD trade? Thank God they're finally winning. I miss 1980 like a sonofabitch.
I see your point to an extent Mike. Ideally, the Phils would like to see all their pitchers be ground ballers. But what tree do those guys fall from? If they didn't get an extra body in the pen, soon Wagner and Madson would start hanging them. More importantly, Atlanta or Florida would have grabbed him. I have no idea how many relievers are available, but it can't be many. Three or four maybe. Can you imagine what Urbina would mean to the Braves right now? Obviously, he didn't do the job last night, but I think it will work out.

I agree with you on your Polanco point however. At some point this season they'll miss his utility.
Also, good against the grain thinking once again, Mike. Nobody was thinking of his groundball/flyball ratio. You have earned propz. That's right, propz with a "z".
Curse you Mike. I was big up on him through the simple assessment of K's/9 and his WHIP, and didn't once think of the G/F ratio . . .
Does this mean the Utley will sudddenly learn how to hit LHP? I'm all for giving him the full-time job, but if continues to put up a .560 OPS against them (granted in only 83 AB's) the Phils are gonna be in trouble. Too bad the Tigers wouldn't have taken David Bell instead.
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