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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today's Standings.... 

I noticed today that Yahoo! Sports is starting to keep track of the Wildcard standings. The Phillies, by the way, are in second for the wildcard, 3 & 1/2 games behind the Braves.

NL East
Washington: 54-40
Atlanta: 53-42 (1.5)
Philadelphia: 49-45 (5.0)
New York Mets: 47-46 (6.5)
Florida Marlins: 46-46 (7.0)

NL Wildcard
Atlanta: 53-42
Philadelphia: 49-45 (3.5)
Chicago Cubs: 48-45 (4.0)

Stay Tuned!

I've enjoyed your blog for some time and would like to suggest that you check your Fan Blog links. Many of them have been abandoned. Perhaps they could be shuffled to the defunct section.
I can speak for Mike when I say keeping up with Fan Blogs can become a full-time job.

Mike: My gut is telling my Atlanta is going to win their 14th consecutive division title. As for Wild Card ... it may come down to Cubbies, Phillies.

Not Mets.

Kind of crept up on everybody, huh? We're in second place in the WC and only 3 1/2 out.

I blame the home park for keeping us in the race.
I intend to update the links one of these days, so thanks for the suggestion.

J: Hmmm ... starting to think you are correct about the Braves. I'm surprised to see the good ship Marlin taking on water...
I believe that the Braves will eventually win the divison so I consider the Phils 5 games out of playoff contention at this point. Sorry to be negadelphia but, unless
there are injuries to the Astros, Cubs, Nats and Mets rotations, I cant see the Phillies keeping up the pace with their inconsistant starting pitching
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