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Friday, May 05, 2006

Know Thy Enemy: The Giants 

The San Francisco Giants come to town for a three game set. Welcome to the traveling freak show that has become Barry Bond’s pursuit of Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.

I feel bad for Giants fans. I always liked the Giants in the past, and I rooted for them in the ’89 Series. It’s a team with a great past playing in a great city (my wife and I stayed there for two days after our wedding on our way to Hawaii and thought the city was beautiful). Sadly the Giants have had the toxic personality of Barry Bonds infecting the team since they signed him. Bonds ego-maniacal pursuit of Ruth and Aaron's records and his own self-gratification have sullied the game, and they have sullied the Giants. This team has disintegrated into Bonds ego. The Giants have become eight guys and a maniac playing in one of the most beautiful ballparks in the MLB.

At the moment the Giants are hanging around, playing .500 baseball in arguably the worst division in baseball. Heck, who can argue? It is the worst division in the MLB. The Giants seem to be playing without any heart or interest these days. The reason why is that the Giants are an old team: Omar Vizquel is 39. Moises Alou is 39 as well. Steve Finley is 41. Mike Matheny is 36. Bonds is going to be 42 in July … Ray Durham is comparatively young at age 34 … The age is showing. This team was put together to try and win the World Series back in 2003 and 2004. Those days are long gone. Alou, Vizquel, Finley, Matheny all know that their best days are behind them and that they are doing little more than punching the clock on their way to their retirements.

The Giants aren’t really doing anything particularly well these days. Despite having Bonds (.537 OBP) in the lineup they really aren’t getting on base with that much success: .338 OBP, compared with the NL average of .335 … Again, despite Bonds they aren’t slugging well: .596 slugging percentage and .327 ISO for Bonds, compared with the team averages of .399 and .137 …

Pitching-wise, the Giants look weak: Jamey Wright, Jason Schmitt and Matt Morris all have FIP ERAs well over 4.00 … In fact, the Giants have the worst ERA in the NL, almost a full run higher than the Rockies. Cough. Worse than the Rockies. Let that digest for a moment. Even the G-men’s FIP ERA doesn’t change the situation much: they are still one of the worst in the NL.

The Phillies, meanwhile look like they are starting to hit some sort of stride: sure, they are middling in terms of offensive production. But since when have the Phillies done better than the league average in FIP? (Phillies: 4.10 vs. League: 4.40) Sure, the Phillies have played lousy defense (last in DER), but we know they’ll get better. I think the Phillies are playing some hungry baseball and are poised for a breakout with this five game winning streak. The Giants look like a one-man show and even that is faltering.

In short, take Bonds out of the equation and the Giants look like a bunch of weaklings. Given that this will probably be Bonds last campaign, I shutter for Giants fans thinking ahead about 2007 and 2008. The cupboard is bare, fellas. This could be a sweep.

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