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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Odds 'N Ends 

-Tom Glavine turned in one of the best individual performances I’ve seen for a pitcher: not only did he stymie the Phillies for seven innings, but he also drove in two runs himself, going two-for-two with two RBIs, two runs scored and a walk.

-So after I get done praising Cory Lidle for his sterling performance so far this season he gets shelled for eight runs in two innings and didn’t get a strikeout or a home run. Ouch.

-What is wrong with the Phillies fielding? They committed three errors last night and allowed three unearned runs.

-The Phillies are bringing up Cole Hamels this Friday. Massive mistake. They let Gavin Floyd pitch too early and look where its gotten him: he’s really struggling right now. I hope they keep Hamels in the bullpen and use him sparingly until he gets some experience, but he’s slated to start tomorrow against the Reds. I hope this doesn’t screw him up.

-I’m happy to hear Ryan Madson is returning to the bullpen. Ryan just hasn’t had any luck as a starter, so I am happy to see that the bullpen can get a little help. Maybe this will cut down on the number of times that Ryan Franklin needs to pitch.

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