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Friday, June 02, 2006

In case your aren't an insomnaic... 

The Phillies lost to the Dodgers in L.A. last night 7-2. Gavin Floyd served up three home runs (including a pair of three-run homers) and Derek Lowe hurled six shutout innings before leaving the game. All-in-all, a grim night for the phaithful.

I’m very surprised at how well the Dodgers are playing. The other day I had stated that no team in the NL West looked strong. I retract that: the Dodgers are starting to play with some momentum and I’d expect for them to start to perhaps pull away from the pack in the West. They look strong and most surprisingly, they look young: there are a lot of young players playing key roles on the Dodgers roster these days. The Dodgers make a tremendous contrast to the geriatric Giants. Makes you think that the Dodgers are building towards a juggernaut, a talented team full of young players playing in a so-so division.

Random thoughts:

-I’m amazed at how well the Detroit Tigers are playing and I wish them well: my father was born in Detroit, so I have some ties to the area and – not to sound like Napoleon Dynamite – but Tigers are my favorite animal. (Tiger fact: did you know that Tigers are typically bigger than Lions?) (And yes, I think Ligers are cool too.)

-I hate seeing the A’s struggle below .500 … they’ll turn on the engine in the second-half of the season, but it still makes you nervous to see them flounder.

Enjoy your weekends. I’ll have new posts on Monday!

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