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Friday, June 30, 2006

Victory @ Long Last... 

With their 4-0 victory over the Orioles, the Phillies are finally moving in the right direction after losing seven in a row and fifteen of their last eighteen games. As a nice bonus, the Phillies gained ground on the Mets, closing the gap to eleven games … Okay, that is probably irrelevant, but still…

A masterful pitching performance was turned in by young Ryan Madson. Eight and two-thirds of an inning and he K’d seven Orioles, walked just one and scattered five hits. This was easily Ryan’s finest performance of the year and maybe his best pitched game of his career. If Ryan can build on this and turn his season around, he’ll be fine.

Meanwhile, over at The Hardball Times John Brattain wrote an article entitled “Phlop” that lays out the Phillies struggles (primarily starting pitching, a conclusion that I mostly agree with, though I’d fault the poor performance of supporting players like Jimmy Rollins and David Bell as well) and suggests that the team will have a unique opportunity to “make a killing” in the trade market because so many teams are in contention and need help. Obviously the team needs pitching and to restock the farm system, so dealing players like David Dellucci and Arthur Rhodes are no-brainers. I wouldn’t part with Shane Victorino or Aaron Rowand the way Brattain wants to, however.

I hope the Phillies are active in the trading market because it is clear that the team does have leverage: there are expendable players on the team, but there are a few that are untouchable. Brattain ID’s Hamels and Howard, but I’d extend that to Utley, Victorino and Rowand as well.

Have a good weekend. I anticipate an abbreviated week thanks to the Fourth ‘o July, but still look for some good material soon. Be on the lookout for my State of the Phillies address soon…

I agree with just about everything except dealing Dellucci. He's been a plesant surprise for us and a nice LH pinch-hitter who can hit for power and average may help us down the stretch.
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