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Friday, July 21, 2006

Yeah, this is an important series... 

...a four game set with the Braves when the Phillies are desperately trying to claw themselves back into the playoff race. As I write this the Phillies are 13 games out of the division and 5.5 out of the wildcard. This weekend's series is vital to do well in (i.e., they need to win 3 of 4) because they need to leapfrog the Braves and make up a little ground. Can the Phillies do it?

Regardless of the outcome of the series I don't think the Phillies season is made or done for. They are hanging on the edge by a thread. Anything less than a split of the series would be a disaster for the Phillies however ... If the Braves sweep the Phils then I think I will declare the season to be over ... The battle to save the Phillies season starts tonight.

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