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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Echoes of History? 

I don’t think anyone is more surprised by the Cardinals 3-2 lead in the NLCS than myself. I assumed that the Mets pitching woes would impact them in a short series against a team with very good pitching, like the Dodgers. Instead, the Cards, a team that had woeful pitching in 2006, have taken advantage and forced the Mets into a must-win situation for the next two games.

I am surprised to see the mighty Mets in this predicament. This was supposed to be a Subway Series, just like in 2000, but the Tigers and Cards had other plans. I was very surprised when the Tigers awoke out of their slumber and took out the Yankees, but I am stunned by how well the Cards are playing the Mets. This from a team that - quite frankly - backed its way into the playoffs and looked like easy prey for the Padres. A team that had a worse record than the Phillies.

If there is a Tigers – Cardinals World Series it would have interesting echoes of history: the Tigers and Cards have met twice in World Series history. In 1968 the Tigers won the Series 4-3 behind the pitching of 31-game winner Denny McClain. McClain bested Bob Gibson, who had been 8-0 in World Series games, in the seventh game to take one of the best World Series in history.

The other time they met was back in 1934, when the Cards won behind a scrappy group of players known as the Gashouse Gang. The Cards won game seven 11-0 in Detroit to close out an exciting series.

Tomorrow, Part IV of the Wiz Kids, the first half of the 1950 season.

Minor correction; Mickey Lolich beat Gibson in game 7. Although McLain did win 31 during the season, it was Lolich, the big lefthander, who saved the series for the Tigers by winning 3 games including the last one. He also homered in the WS, the only dinger in his major league career.

BTW, I grew up in Philly and track my favorite team and enjoy your blog. I'm also big fan of the Tigers, having lived in Michigan for 37 years. But I liked them as a kid in Philly for a reason that is too boring to post. Their run this year has been among the most fantastic stories in all of sports. I'm very curious to read your opinion when you review the WS.

PS Why, oh why didn't the Phils sign Leyland? Surely, he would have been good for turning a few 'L's into 'W's.
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