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Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy 2 Day 

Just a short update today … a lot on my mind other than baseball … If the Phillies lose to the Braves tonight they exit the month of April with pretty much the same record that they have the last few years: 11-14. I am oddly optimistic about this season even now. The ’07 Phillies are much, much stronger than the ’06 version, and the Mets are nowhere near as strong as everyone thinks they are. (Their terrible pitching is being obscured by excellent fielding.) This is going to be a battle with the Braves, and I like the Phillies chances.

-I cannot say that I like the Eagles draft and their decision to take a QB with their first pick. Nothing says QB controversy like taking a QB in the draft when you have a franchise QB already. Why so little faith in Donovan? The Eagles would have been better off taking another D-lineman or grabbing Rutger Brian Leonard, a fullback who can block, catch passes and run. He would have been a heck of a weapon in the Eagles lineup.

-Randy Moss a Patriot? This I have to see. Either the Patriots are going to be 14-2 next year and win the Super Bowl, or they are going to be a very unhappy and mediocre team.

-Tomorrow I’ll take a look at the Phillies month of April.

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