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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What's A GM to do? 

So the Phillies have started 1-6 for the third time in the last four years … so much for that fast start that the team was talking about. Yesterday’s 11-5 loss to the New York Mets is starting to follow a familiar script: Phillies starter pitches a nice game, departs, the bullpen enters and promptly blows it, meanwhile a Phillie regular makes some bone-headed play to ensure defeat. Poor Jimmy Rollins was the unfortunate soul who made a costly bobble to cost the Phillies. The real villains of this story were the relief artists, who spoiled a nice performance by Cole Hamels (two earned runs in six innings, seven strikeouts) and let a 5-4 Phillies lead in the eighth evaporate into a 11-5 loss.

A notable problem: the Phillies have made six errors in seven games this season. Ryan Howard has made 3 of the 6 on his own. Don’t think that this won’t become an issue in evaluating Howard, particularly given that his arch-rival, Albert Pujols, is a stunningly good defensive first baseman.

So what is a General Manager to do? The pressure is on Pat Gillick to find some answers to these riddles, particularly if the Phillies go 1-7 or 1-8 to start off the season. Making all of this extra-painful is the fact that these losses are coming to division rivals. These games are going to cost the Phillies in September. A few thoughts on what might be swirling around in Pat Gillick’s head:

-I wonder if Scott Linebrick-for-Aaron Rowand is still a possibility. Michael Bourn is up and looked good in spring training, so getting someone into center field won’t be an issue. His OBP is .367 because he’s actually bothered to attempt to draw some walks this season, so moving him to the Padres for Linebrick might be a good idea.

-Jon Lieber is back, so look for Gillick to start shopping Lieber for bullpen help as soon as Freddy Garcia is ready to take the mound, if not sooner.

-Poor Charlie Manuel’s head is in a noose. Manuel was hired under the old regime and he’s be the logical choice to punish for the Phillies soft start. Particularly given that Jimy Williams, someone who managed under Gillick in Toronto, and Davey Lopes, a high-intensity type of guy, are sitting on the Phillies bench. My money is on Lopes to succeed Manuel by April 30, based on the fact that teams often like to follow laid-back personalities with intense people. Lopes would fit that description.

The second week of April and the Phillies are in “must-win” games. Yeeshk.

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Reading your insightful blog is slowly making me a Phillies fan. Maybe.
I read back during the winter that John Schuerholz (can't spell his name!) was thinking about Linebrick, but the Padres wanted too much for him.

I like Rollins, because he is just a quality player.

I lived in LA in the 80's and heard alot about Lopes, but I'm a little concerned about how he would work as the man in charge...I don't know who I would recommend, but off the record I would call either Bobby Cox or Joe Torre and ask them to recommend someone for starters. I really like these two characters. BUT I truly appreciate your last comment. There is something to that contrast that can bring out the latent potential that wasn't getting anywhere in a laid back atmosphere.
Mike: Love your passion about the Phillies and you hit the nail on the head. Gillick needs to fire Charlie "needs a" Manuel right away. Lopes has ties to San Diego to get that deal done, but is Bourne ready to play everday? I would put the "Flyin Hawaiian" (Victorino)in center field and platoon Bourne and Werth in right! I agree the players are losing the games, but Manuel should've left Hammels in because he was cruising through that line-up! He left Geary in way too long and Lieber had to pull a miracle. Promote Lopes or Williams now! I don't care who but just get rid of this bumbling idiot who is past retirement! gildeas3@comcast.net
While I would shed no tears over the departure of Elmer Fudd (aka Charlie Manuel). His firing would just be a band-aid on the gunshot wound that is the Phillies.

If this franchise is ever to get on the right track, it will need new ownership. David Montgomery and his junta must go. They have shown that are either incapable or unwilling to produce a winning team.

Viva La Revolution!
I still have hope....though it is fading. If we had a decent bullpen we would be 4-3. Even if theyhad blown only one, we would be 3-4 and things would be ok.

Love your blog and plan on stopping by alot.
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