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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Don't Blame Jamie Moyer 

A three-game sweep at home to drop the team under .500 again (26-27) was certainly not the way the Phillies hoped they edge into the month of June. Last night’s 4-3 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks was a terrible development for the team, which had been playing so well, and ran their record against the D-backs to 1-5. Thankgoodness they don’t play again … Until the playoffs? …

Jamie Moyer pitched a nice game for the Phillies. True, he surrendered three home runs, but he otherwise handled the D-backs hitters very well, tossing lots of off-speed pitches they found difficult to deal with. The game was 1-0 until the eighth inning, so I think Moyer deserves credit for keeping his head in the game and giving the Phillies a chance to win.

Sadly the Phillies really struggled against some nice pitching. They mustered just three hits and a walk. The team batting average last night was .096 … You won’t win many games hitting like that.

No game tonight. I’ll have a preview of the Phillies June tomorrow.

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Moyer and Johnson both pitched great games! That is for sure, it was an electric game too bad the Phils ended up the loser in this one.

The Phils are still in this race, I haven't given up on them yet to win the division althought it's starting to look a bit bleak!

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