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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Following History 

Trouble in paradise … Tom Gordon won’t be traveling with the Phillies in their trip out West to San Francisco. With Gordon’s shoulder acting up, the closer duties fall squarely on the lap of Brett Myers, who has been used as a set-up man to date. Perhaps Myers will grow into his new role and this trip will get that process started.

The month of May will be an interesting – and very successful – one for the Phillies, I think. After playing the red-hot Braves and Mets several games during their rough start, the Phillies get to move against the Giants, the Blue Jays, the Brewers, the Cubs, and the Diamondbacks. The Phillies went 19-13 against the N.L. West in 2006 and 20-17 against the Central.

If history is any guide than the Phillies next nine games ought to be a cakewalk. Here is how the Phillies did against those teams in 2006:

San Francisco: 5-1
Arizona: 5-1
Chicago Cubs: 5-2

At the moment the Giants and D-backs are a little above .500, but neither one inspires any feelings of awe. The Cubs, for all of their free spending, are below .500. If the Phillies play things right, they will definitely be above .500 when they move on to face-off with the Brewers on May 14th.

Did you know that the Phillies outfield is leading the N.L. in assists?

Tomorrow: Wes Helms vs. David Bell.

In theory your prediction for the month of May makes sense. However this is the Phillies we are talking about; logic tends to disappear when it comes to this team. I truly hope your vision is correct, however I am prepared for the worst.
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