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Monday, June 18, 2007

I am Nostradamus, just for Baseball 

As I predicted, the Tigers took two of three from the Phillies. I even called the games right – the Phillies sole victory in the series was on Saturday night in between the starts of Jeremy Bonderman and Jason Verlander, the Tigers ace pitchers. Overall, the Phillies allowed the best offense in baseball to ring their bell for 22 runs in the series, including twelve on Friday Night. What sort of interested me in the series outcome was the fact that the Phillies hit seven home runs (including five on Friday) and scored just eighteen runs, while the Tigers scored their twenty-two utilizing the long ball just three times. In a display of clutch hitting, the Tigers scored seven of their twelve runs on Friday with two outs. Not too shabby.

Obviously the Phillies pitching could have done a better job, but it wasn’t much of a defeat for the Phillies hurlers. They were stacked up against a terrific lineup that averaged six runs a game, playing in a park designed for offense, and they came away with about that same number. Jamie Moyer hurled a nice game on Saturday night too. Thanks to the Mets two defeats in three games to the Yankees, the Phillies didn’t lose any ground on the Boys from Queens, although they did relinquish second place to the Braves. Now there are three teams grouped at the top of the N.L. East, just two games apart. With the Marlins just five and a half back of the Mets and the Nats eight back, the N.L. East might be the best division in baseball. Unlike the N.L. Central, you will find three strong contenders and two capable teams bringing up the rear, unlike the messes that currently exist in Cincinnati and St. Louis. Add in the flop that the Cubs have become, and you’ve got the sorriest division in baseball.

Tonight, the Phillies kick-off a nice series in Cleveland with the Indians. The Phillies send Cole Hamels against Indians starter Cliff Lee. Give the Phillies the edge. Tomorrow they send Kyle Kendrick to the mound. Let’s hope the rookie can follow up the first start with another.

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