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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Notes for Wednesday 

Back to my X-Phillies series tomorrow. Last night's Phillies-Reds game was an odd one, with the Phillies Carlos Ruiz actually stealing home plate in the second inning. How often have you seen a catcher take home?

It was a nice victory, with the Phillies supplying Kyle Kenderick with 6-1 margin after two innings and a 10-1 margin after four. Kenderick pitched a nice game and the bullpen allowed a single hit in three innings of work. Not too shabby. Now if the Phillies can keep things up tonight and tomorrow they can enter this big showdown with the Mets in the right frame of mind. The Mets saw their four game winning streak come to an end last night, running their June record to 8-15. With the Mets five games into a stretch where they play 18 games in 17 days, they'll be weary and tired this weekend. Snap prediction: the Phillies will emerge from the weekend in first place in the N.L. East.

I'm doing a podcast with Philly Sports Talk Now this evening, so check it out later on in the evening or tomorrow morning.


As always, a combination of interesting statistics and a complete inability to objectively review those stats. Anything could happen and the Phils could be in first a week from now. But given the rotation they're using this week, hard to see how that is the expected outcome. Pretty sure I'd rather have a "weary and tired" Perez over whomever we trot out there on Saturday...
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