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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Happened Last Night... 

Was tragic ... The Phillies 10-6 loss, coupled with San Diego's 6-4 win over the San Francisco Giants helped to vault the Padres into the wildcard lead by a game, just a day after the Phillies were able to tie things up. It was just bad pitching last night by the Phillies hurlers that sank the team last night.

The loss dropped the Phillies wildcard chances to 26%, while improving the Padres to 38%. Overall, the loss dropped the Phillies playoff chances to 34%, while the Padres saw theirs rise to 48%. Ouch. Worse still, the Padres send ace Jake Peavy to the mound tonight. I did the math and realized that this means Peavy would be the Padres pitcher for a one-game playoff on Monday, October 1, in the event that the Phillies and Padres tie.

Tonight, the Phillies need Kyle Lohse to get the better of Tim Hudson. This is a critical game.

Ruminations on the Phillies pitching … I was looking at the Phillies pitching stats and I noticed a couple of things of note … First off, Cole Hamels is third on the Phillies in Quality Starts Pct. with 15 in 27 starts, which is 55% … A Quality Start is a start where the pitcher surrenders three or fewer runs in six innings of work. Anyway, Jamie Moyer leads the team with 18 QS in 31 starts. Moyer’s QS Pct. is 58%. However, neither Moyer nor Hamels has the best percentage on the team. That honor belongs to Kyle Kendrick, who has turned in 12 in 19 starts, 63%. The worst, by far, incidentally, was Adam Eaton: 8 for 29 … 28% … That’s pretty bad … Overall, the Phillies rank twelfth in Quality Starts with 71 this season. The San Diego Padres, perhaps unsurprisingly, were first with 88. What did surprise me was that the Mets were second with 84, despite the absence of Pedro Martinez this season.

The best pitched N.L. game this season, incidentally, remains Jon Lieber’s June 9th, complete game, shutout, eleven strikeout gem against the Kansas City Royals. ESPN gives it a 92 game score.

Cole Hamels has dropped off the radar of ESPN’s Cy Young predictor. The Padres Peavy sits as the front-runner with the Diamondbacks Brandon Webb right behind.

Oh, and I see that Pat Gillick is making 2008 his last as the Phillies GM. No surprise. He's got to be exhausted and wanting to return to the West Coast. The team that he will leave for his successor is going to be loaded with talent. This will be interesting ...

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