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Friday, November 09, 2007

More on Lidge Deal... 

ESPN's Keith Law chimes in with a thumbs up for the Phillies on the Lidge deal (although he mostly says so in the context of new Astros Ed Wade got taken), noting that it looks like the Astros gave up Lidge for "three spare parts". After Nate Silver's somewhat defensive attack on the Phillies for dealing Michael Bourn, Mike Costanzo and Geoff Geary, it makes an interesting counterpoint. Just goes to show you that people can have similar philosophies, look at similar information and came to vastly different conclusions.

I happen to think Houston got the better end of the deal of a fairly even trade. Bourn is going to have an outstanding year for Houston. It's almost like he's still a rookie to me. He's got speed, and that's what the Phillies liked in him. How many times were we relieved to see Bourn come into run for Burrell when the Phillies needed to make something happen?

Law's comments sound like he's never watched Bourn, I hope he proves me wrong but I think Bourn will be at the top in centerfield next year. He's got everything you need to be a very successful player.

Geary went south on the Pennsylvania Expressway and never did get back to the form he was at in 2006, maybe he'll benefit from a change as well. He is capable at doing good, and we've seen that from him.

Lidge, I don't know how good a deal that is. The Astros pulled him out of the closers role, I do know that. They wanted to deal him at the trade deadline in '07. Maybe he'll benefit from the trade as well. I do remember seeing all kinds of stories from Houston about Lidge and how fed up of him they were in Houston. Let's hope for the Phillies sake, that bad aura doesn't follow with him into Citizen's Bank Park.

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