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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arbitration Day 

Big day for the Phillies today as they are scheduled to meet on Ryan Howard’s request for $10 million dollars for 2008 with the arbitrator. The Phillies are offering $7 million dollars and it is unlikely that the team and Howard will reach an accord prior to today’s hearing. The likely outcome is a messy hearing that sees the Phillies forced to argue and present evidence as to why Howard doesn’t deserve the money, while Howard must present evidence that he is worthy. I did a little research on the subject and found the whole topic of arbitration to be shadowy and mysterious. As near as I could discover, it appears to me that the largest arbitration award Howard is seeking would be the largest ever handed down, so there will be quite a lot of attention paid to the hearing from outside of the Phillies organization.

Interesting facts: the Phillies haven’t gone to an arbitration hearing since 2001, when they fought with Travis Lee. In their history, the Phillies have won all seven of their arbitration hearings.

The largest award I’ve found is the one Alfonso Soriano won in 2006 ($10 million). Soriano, however, had extra playing time compared with Howard. Miguel Cabrera won $7.4 million last year in arbitration and he had less experience than Howard has, so it seems virtually assured that the Phillies are going to see Howard walk away with more than their asking price.

If the Phillies prevail, their basic argument will be that Howard should make what Albert Pujols made in 2004, his fourth season in the big leagues, when he made $7 million. Ultimately the Cardinals went and signed Pujols to a 7-year deal worth $100 million, which is what the Phillies want to see happen here.

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Who needs 7M or 10M a year $ ???

We're interviewing a Phillies ballgirl tonight on Philly Sports Talk Now!

Now that's priceless!!


20 Feb, Wednesday night 6:45 pm
The Phillies had better sign Ryan Howard. This will really come back to haunt the Phillies if they cause any resentment and he signs with another team in a few years. This guy is worth every dollar he's seeking.
According to Comcast Sportsnet last night, Howard was looking for $20 million a year and a contract in the $200 million range. After this season, those numbers will go up. If the Phillies could work something out now, the cheap label and the unwilling to do what it takes to win label could be removed. If not, we had better get ready to see Howard in a Yankees, Red Sox, and even worse Mets uniform. I really hope the Phillies step up and sign him long term NOW but am not confident they will!

No rush yet, they may review a long term deal next year. He is arbitration eligable for the next 4yrs. That would cost the team about $43mil by the end of 2011 if given a 1mil a year raise. If they want to lock him up it will be likely either one of the next 2 years. But they have plenty of time.
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