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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Future of A Citizens Blog 

I' ve been mulling over the future of my blog for the last few days and I have reached a few decisions of note. Basically I've been very tired this summer and haven't put my usual energy into blogging. I don't answer emails very promptly, I rarely respond to comments posted, and I struggle to come up with fresh and original takes on the Phillies. I think I am just suffering through baseball fatigue and I need to step back a little and concentrate on the quality of posts over the quantity of posts. So I have resolved to do the following:

I will blog out the season at my current pace of a post-a-day and I will keep it up during the playoffs if the Phillies are in it.

I will post my usual Season in Review series in late October or early November.

I will throttle back to one or two posts a week in the off-season from November to March.

As I did when I blogged the 1950 Phillies, I will put together a series about a past Phillies team. I've narrowed the choices down to the following: the 1964 Phillies, the 1983 Phillies or the 1993 Phillies. Anyone have any preferences? I lean towards an exploration of the '64 team myself.

I shall return to blog once more in 2008, however next season will be my final year blogging the Phillies. If I blog next season I'll have covered five seasons of baseball: 2004-2008. That's enough. I'll be 31 and I'll want to dive into advancing my legal career and focus on building a family. I barely have the energy to do this now. I won't have it then.

I have decided to work on a book project that I intend to release in October of 2008, when the Phillies wrap up the 2008 campaign and I post my final thoughts on this blog. The book will be published through Lulu.com, and it is tenatively entitled The Wiz Kids: The Story of the 1950s Philadelphia Phillies. It will focus on the rise and fall of the Wiz Kids, starting with the General Managership of Herb Pennock in 1943 and ending with the team's last-place collapse in 1958. If all goes well and if the book is well-received, then I might move into the realm of book-writing and make that my hobby. I've always wanted to write a book and I figured this was my chance, and that you all would be my audience.

Those are my plans and I figured that I might let everyone who reads this blog know. More on Monday about the Phillies disasterous recent play.


Two things...I'm an ex-Philadelphian, much older than you (I still have my prized tickets to the '64 Series against the Yankees, with tears on it), who appreciates more than you can realize your extremely thoughtful comments. I for one will miss you when you give up the blogging, but heh, you gotta live your life, and digging deep into the well of frustration year after year takes a tell. Second...I hope you do the '64 team. They really were a special group of players, and it marked the Phillies entry into modern baseball and the fall of its dastardly color line, with the rise of Richie (not yet Dick) Allen, although that season had its moments in that regard. As for writing a sports book, if you ever want some helpful thoughts, send me a note...I'm the author of Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It, and a full-time writer.

Jon Entine (runjonrun@earthlink.net)
sad to hear you will be leaving. i am an aspiring sports writer toying with the idea of law school right now and would love to take over your site when you leave... good luck with the book i'll be sure to grab a copy for my dad who loves telling me about the days he was growing up and listening to the Whiz Kids on the radio
I'm going to enjoy reading your site until the day you stop posting on it. Your stuff is top-notch. I hope you succeed in your future endeavors.
I would blog the 1980 Phillies. Sionce they won the World Series with a great team. They struggled and doubt existed especially during the Astro playoff series. In the end they came through with Tug McGraw striking out the last batter.

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Michael Vu
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This is sad news. I just moved from Philly and this blog helps me feel more connected now that I can't watch Daily News Live and have the Phillies on as background each evening. Your analysis also makes me feel smarter. So I will become more isolated here in Yankees/Mets territory and dumber, too.
I vote for those bunch of throwbacks from the 1993 season. Your work will be missed.
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