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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You might notice that I pruned the blogroll a little, eliminating duplicate entries and blogs that haven't been updated for a while. If you are a Phillies blog and you haven't posted since August, I have categorized you blog as dead. If you are another blog and you haven't updated since June or July, I think you're all done. If anyone wants to add their blog back, please let me know, but you have to tell me that you are back.


what are your thoughts on the phillies making a serious run at A-rod if he opts out of NY? do you think he pays for himself with Attendance/merchandise/playoff appearances? Even if the cost is $300 million over 10 years if he stays healthy how many records will he make a run at? Does Pitching matter that much if your scoring 8 runs a game? When was the last time the NL and AL MVP's ended up on the same team? just something to think about.
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