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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What The Enemy Is Saying... 

I quickly perused the Rockies blogosphere – such as it is – to see what fans up in the Mile High City are saying and thinking about this series. I found myself pleasantly surprised at the quality of discourse. No snide remarks about the city of Philadelphia or the Phillies players like you might see from … I dunno, Mets fans … Nothing defensive or angry or boastful. Good analysis, enthusiasm for their team … It’s hard not to like Rockies fans, if their bloggers are representative of their fans. If the Rockies do upset the Phillies I’ll be pulling for them all of the way. Check out:

Purple Row: a nice blog written by “Rox girl”. Her post today is a good, well-written analysis of today’s game. I’d just like to point out to her, however, that the Rockies made the playoffs in 1995.

Rockies Locker: A Blog written by “chinmusic” that contains a pretty thoughtful analysis of this series. Impressively, he weighs the stats and makes a reluctant conclusion that the Phillies will win. You have to be impressed by someone willing to go with an honest assessment of their team over a hopeful one.

Up in the Rockies gives the Rockies a 3-1 series victory. I disagree, but their analysis is thorough and well-reasoned.

Worth reading.

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