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Thursday, November 08, 2007

More on Trade(s) 

Baseball Prospectus notes that the White Sox farm system is pretty barren. Their second-best prospect is Gio Gonzalez, whom they acquired from the Phillies as part of the Freddy Garcia deal. I'm going to note once more that a deal where the Phillies acquire Joe Crede and Jon Garland for a smattering of minor-league prospects would suit both teams well: the Phillies would get a much-needed third baseman and a top-line starter while the White Sox would get 3-4 prospects to restock their farm system.

The coverage of the Phillies - Astros deal has been pretty favorable. ESPN's Jerry Crasnick takes a positive view of the deal. The Philly Inquirer's Jim Salisbury seems to agree. Lots of comments over at Todd Zolecki's The Zo Zone.


Perhaps a look in the mirror is in order?

Leaving out the '07 draft because they're untradeable, who are the Phillies top prospects, and where would they rank in the White Sox system?

The Phillies system probably has more depth than the White Sox, but there's not much at the top that would attract trade interest. Carrasco's strikeout rate took a bit hit this year. Gio's former teammate, Cardenas, would be a nice pickup for the Sox (would rank as their top position prospect) as would Marson, but there's just not a fit here.

In an environment where Edgar Renteria nets 2 very good prospects, one which projects to play this season, Garland and Crede would empty the Phillies entire system and still not make the Sox happy. There's nothing above AA, and that doesn't bode well for a trade. Garland for Bourn and Cardenas would have been comparable to the Renteria trade, maybe with the White Sox putting one of their relievers (MacDougal or Thornton).

There's no fit.
Baseball Prospectus has been awfully negative about the trade for Lidge. I think they are awfully optomistic about Bourn and especially Costanzo.

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