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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Unis 

The Phillies have new unis that they’ll wear for home games. Apparently this is in honor of the team’s 125th Anniversary for 2008. To the right see J.Roll, Cole Hamels and former Phillies great Robin Roberts. I guess these will replace their usual home unis. What does everyone think? They don't look bad. In fact they actually bear little-to-no difference from the Phillies usual home uniforms with the red pinstripes.

The Washington Nationals are in the midst of turning themselves into the Trail (Jail) Blazers of the MLB (or would a more apt and geographically relevant comparison be to the Baltimore Ravens?) by adding El ijah Dukes and Lastings Milledge to their roster. Milledge adds some speed and Dukes adds some power to a lineup sorely lacking in both. The Nationals finished dead-last in runs scored in 2007, so adding Dukes and Milledge will help, despite whatever character negatives they bring to the table. I doubt that Dukes or Milledge will make the Nationals contenders, but they will help them win a few more games.

I am rather surprised to see the Red Sox emerge as the contender to bring Santana aboard. After getting outflanked on the A-Rod deal back in 2003-2004, they’ve done a nice job competing with the Yankees and look like they’ve outflanked the Yankees for once. The prospect of teaming Santana with Josh Beckett must be too tantalizing for Red Sox fans to contemplate, with a pair of Cy Young contenders teamed up with veteran ace Curt Schilling and Dice-K. That’s four potential 20-game winners on the same pitching staff.

The other thing to consider here is that the Yankees, who need to upgrade their pitching badly and sought Santana to bolster a pitching staff filled with aging stars like Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens and Mike Mussina and unproven talent like Chien-Ming Wang. If Santana does wind up in Beantown, the balance of power will continue to shift in the Red Sox direction.

The Santana situation is really sucking the air out of the Winter Meetings. There is virtually no other news to report. Aaron Rowand hasn't landed anywhere. Neither has Kyle Lohse or Carlos Silva. No other major deals are being discussed. Until the Red Sox and Twins consummate their deal, there is nothing much going to happen.

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I think the new uniforms will be worn during home day games only. So, we'll see them on Sundays, businessperson's specials, etc. I agree, though. They don't seem very different at all: just no pinstripes.
I love the blue hat. I had (and lost) a 1943 hat from Cooperstown Ballcaps.
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