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Friday, April 06, 2007


Predictably the Phillies season opened with the team being swept by the Atlanta Braves. Predictably the media is chortling over the highly touted Phillies stumbles, predictably resurrecting Jimmy Rollins claim that the Phillies are the team to beat in the N.L. East. Predictably the Phillies bullpen stumbled badly. Predictably Charlie Manuel made decisions that seemed sound but promptly blew up in his face. Predictably one of the Phillies major off-season acquisitions, Adam Eaton, was destroyed in his first start with the team.

Well, that just figures.

The ’07 Phillies opened the campaign with a 0-3 start to the Atlanta Braves. Yesterday’s game was a fiasco from start to end. Eaton went just four and two-thirds, surrendering eight runs (seven earned), on seven hits and four walks. Astonishingly, the bullpen actually successfully shut the braves down, holding them to a pair of hits and a walk while striking out nine Braves for the rest of the game. Expect to see a lot more of Antonio Alfonseca in the future after the struggles of Gordon and Madson in the first two games as Charlie Manuel searches for a solution.

As for Charlie Manuel, people will predictably assail his decision-making, asking why he chose to leave Brett Myers in on Opening Day to face Edgar Renteria. I wouldn’t fault Manuel at all, he’s a smart guy who made a solid decision on opening day: your pitcher is virtually unhittable, so why not leave him in and see what he can do against a light-hitting shortstop?

The weakness of the 2007 Phillies lies in their porous bullpen. That’s pretty apparent, so I’d expect to see Pat Gillick move immediately to shore up this weak point. Yesterday, for example, they acquired minor-leaguer Francisco Rosario from the Toronto Blue Jays for cash. Perhaps Gillick will try to deal Aaron Rowand to the Padres again for Scott Linebrick?

So the Phillies are off to an 0-3 start. You can’t put too much stock into the opening series of the season. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 3-0 right now and does anyone expect them to win the N.L. Central? Take a deep breath and relax Phillies fans. The season is a marathon, not a sprint.

So what is next for the Red Pinstripes? A trip to Florida to duel with the Marlins, themselves 2-1. Going tonight for the Phillies is Jamie Moyer, exactly the tonic the Phillies need, a veteran pitcher who will be unfazed by the yelling and screaming and will concentrate on what the Phillies really need: a win.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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You know everyone keeps saying the bullpen is the "obvious" weakness so far and to some extent they are right. But other then Madson and Gordon....i don't think the bullpen is doing half bad, right? Let's see what's going to happen after 40 or so games and then make an accurate assessment of the them. My opinion is that Condrey should be the setup man and Ruiz needs to be the everyday catcher!

To me, the problem with the Phillies so far isnt the bullpen, and its not Charlie....its Gillick. He had months to fix what we all knew were the obvious problems and all he did was vacation in Canada. No bullpen help and we still have Lieber and Rowand, both of whom could have been traded for some bullpen help.
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