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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stream 'o Consciousness 2 

A few odds ‘n ends today … it feels like a stream of consciousness kinda day … Last night’s 8-2 loss to the Rockies didn’t help the Phillies playoff chances, especially given that the Padres won. Remember fellas, these games against the Rockies are important because you are battling with them too for the playoffs. Don’t look towards the Mets series this weekend quite yet …

Look for the Phillies to run a lot this weekend vs. the Mets. Bourn will be in the lineup, and he and Victorino and J.Roll will be looking to victimize Paul Lo Duca again and again. The game in August where the Phillies came from behind to upset the Mets 10-9 still is fresh in the Phillies memories: the Phillies fueled that comeback with three steals against Lo Duca at the end of the game. I think the Phillies will come out of the series with seven or eight stolen bases.

Looks like the Braves wheeling-and-dealing blew up in their faces. They shipped a major prospect to the Rangers and got Mark Teixeira at the trading deadline, a move that was near universally applauded by the baseball world as being something that would help them win now, even if it would cost them in the long run in terms of prospects. Well, since acquiring Teixeira the Braves have gone 17-20 and have stayed in third place, but now sit nine games behind the Mets instead of three and a half. Ouch. With Andruw Jones sure to leave the team in the off-season as a free agent, you have to wonder how impressive the 2008 Atlanta Braves are going to be …

The AL playoff picture is basically set. The Angels are a near-lock to win the AL West, while the Indians and Red Sox hold comfy leads. The Yankees hold the wildcard by four games on the Tigers, which is do-able for the Tigers, but not likely. The Yankees are playing well and the Tigers don’t feel like they can get traction. Red Sox and Yankees in the ALCS again? Maybe. I’m sure that baseball is praying that the Indians don’t go far in the playoffs: Boston, Anaheim / Los Angeles, and New York are MAJOR markets for TV dollars. Cleveland? Not so much.

Don’t you just feel like the Cubs are this year’s version of the Cardinals? I could easily see the Cubs making the playoffs and then blitzing their way to the World Series. They’ve seemed to come on at the end of the season and they’ve got some real weapons. Hey, it’s only been 99 years since their last World Series title …

Tomorrow: why Chase Utley is the NL MVP.

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