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Monday, March 24, 2008

Stay Tuned 

Yeah, I was supposed to post my Season Preview for the Phillies today but I am a little behind. Stay tuned, I expect to post Wednesday. Hopefully.

In the meanwhile, check out this article from The Hardball Times talking about the Bobby Abreu deal. If you want to skip to the conclusions: the Phillies got nothing for Abreu but got to dump his salary on the only team in the MLB that could take it.

Also, apparently Adam Eaton has won the #5 starter job from Chad Durbin and Travis Blackley, apparently pitching well enough to take the job. Count on Durbin, who will move to the bullpen, to get some starts if / when Eaton and Kyle Kendrick struggle.

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You said it right, the Phillies didn't get anyone for him. They just didn't want to pay him anymore.

Imagine if he stayed with the Phils - I have one word for that: OFFENSE

Abreu was one of the most under appreciated ballplayers who ever played in Philly, and he was really great.

Rich Baxter

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