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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night I appeared on Philly Sports Talk Now to discuss the 2008 season and the Phillies. My thanks again to Jim Dogg and Rich for having me on their show. I always have a blast. Click here for the podcast.

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Hey let me get an interview.
Johan, we can arrange that if you behave, you know I do have the power to edit should you misbehave!

Send me an email, to Rich@phillywebcast.com and we'll see about an appearance on the show.
On second though, sorry Super, you've been really bad lately. I see you were almost banned from 'Shea Nation' the other day. This is a Mets site and they are going to ban you- that's not too good considering your a Mets fan.

Your not welcome on the show until you grow up and make some sense in what you write about on the internet. I'll be monitoring some of your posts, if they start to get smarter, I'll consider having you on the show!
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